Safe Sports Lanyard with Handle


Lanyard with handle and strong shock damper completed on one side carabiner, on the other hand a comfortable handle that perfectly adapts to the hand thanks to neoprene foam.

Multifunctionality is provided by the circle located at the handle, to which you can attach, for example, a trekking belt or a sachet with bags (there is also an additional carabiner which shortens the leash halfway).

Reflective stitching with thick reflective thread on the entire length of the leash. Reflective-orange damper – visible during the day and night thanks to thick reflective stripes.

A pouch for plastic bags for FREE Perfect for runners.


  • length: 195 cm – 260 cm (max extension of the damper)
  • length of parts with high visibility damper: 80 cm
  • width of the leash: 2.5 cm

an additional carabiner and a circle, thanks to which the lanyard can be shortened by half suitable for dogs up to 40kg