Leash with Loops


Leash with Loops This leash is an excellent choice for both daily walks and long hikes. The leash has been reinforced with a nylon stitching, making it very durable and lightweight.

Comfortable handle lined with neoprene foam. The leash has additional three handles, so-called loops, that will help control the dog. The loops allow the leash to be shortened and is adaptable to the needs of the dog or the walker. The leash is stitched along the entire length with reflective thread, which increases visibility, ensuring safety during walks. Easy to maintain and clean. A pouch for plastic bags for FREE.


  • length: 195 cm
  • arrangement of the loops: on the length of 40cm, 100cm and 170cm
  • width of the leash: 2.5 cm
  • uitable for medium and large dogs up to 60kg