Harness 3x Sport for dogs


The outer layer of the harness is made of high-quality, durable and scratch-resistant material.
The harness is lined with a lightweight, “breathable” mesh that is pleasant to the dog’s skin.

The design of the harness provides an ideal load distribution and allows the harness to be widely used for various activities.

Ergonomic design makes the harness easy and quick to put on.

Harness has 3x fasteners: at the neck (ideal for dogs that are afraid to put the harness over the head) and two fasteners at the back. Thanks to this solution, we do not have to put the harness over the paws or head, you can easily put the harness on the dog that is just standing.

The harness is adjustable at the height of the chest, so we can perfectly match it to our dog.

Comfortable handle lined with neoprene – allows you to easily grab the dog. It can also be used to attach a dog while driving a car.

  • The harness has a ring on the chest, which means that there is an “easy walk” possibility,
  • durable and solid, thanks to the nylon thread and strong fasteners,
  • excellent visibility in the dark thanks to a thick reflective thread and a reflective logo on the dog’s chest,
  • easy to clean, quick-drying.

Harness 3X sizes

Size Neck circumference (cm) Chest circumference (cm)
XS 35 50-60
S 40 55-70
M 45 65-80
L 55 75-100